Caring for the Environment

Recycle Motors Ltd are committed to caring for the Environment

Recycle Motors Ltd can help you dispose of all types of end of life vehicles. If you are looking to sell your vehicle for cash you can be confident that we will help you dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly manner.

We are all responsible for the world we live in. If you are scrapping your vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure it is disposed of properly. For more information about your responsibilities please visit gov.uk

Once we have collected your motorbike, vehicle or van, we will send it for vehicle scrap and it will be delivered directly to a vehicle disposal facility. The registration document is then used to provide the information necessary to produce the Certificate of Destruction (COD) .

The vehicle then goes through a rigorous de-pollution process, removing the battery, wheels and tyres. We then remove or drain any LPG gas tanks. At the same time any vehicle fitted with air conditioning has all the harmful gases recovered. The vehicle is also assessed to see if any mercury containing components are present and require removal.

The vehicle is now ready to have all the potentially explosive components deployed or removed. This includes air bags and seat belt pre-tensioners. The vehicle will then have all the potentially harmful fluids removed. These include:-

oil can icon


oil can icon

Motor Oil

oil can icon

Transmission Oil

oil can icon

Gearbox Oil

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Hydraulic Oil

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Cooling Liquids

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While draining oils we also remove the oil filters for crushing. Finally the vehicle will have its catalytic converters removed. The vehicle is now ready for either crushing or placement in a parts resale area prior to crushing.